FAC Quarterly Proprietary Fact Sheets

Please click our support link below or complete "Have A Question" section to the right, and specifically request FAC's latest Quarterly Fact Sheets which include FAC's proprietary offerings QTCore and Alpha Index, which are only made available directly to all FAC clients and FAC pre-approved non-client contacts on a Quarterly Basis.

The information contained within all FAC client communications has been obtained from sources believed reliable solely for informational purposes but, is not necessarily complete and cannot be guaranteed.  These communications may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. First Advisors Capital, Inc.(FAC) does not render legal, accounting, or tax advice.  Where performance data is shown, past performance is not an indicator of future results. This communication may contain non-public, proprietary, confidential or legally privileged information. Please contact FAC to obtain the additional disclosures necessary to make an informed decision including but not limited to FAC's: Adv. 2a, 2b, FAC Client Investment Agreements, Fee Schedules, Fact Sheets, and other important disclosures and disclaimers, before you invest.

Do your investments currently offer these features?   Through Folio Institutional FAC can offer our clients:

  1. Low Minimums: Minimums are only $25,000. FAC RoBo based platforms allow the scalability necessary to serve all clients large or small with the personal one on one service you deserve!
  2. Actively Managed: All offerings are professionally managed, using multiple research sources with long historical track records and the ability for you to choose between different risk levels...Conservative, Moderate and Growth.
  3. In Kind Assets: Have holdings from other firms with adverse tax- basis? No problem, FAC can hold IN KIND assets that can be managed with the choice of being included or excluded from FAC’s actively active managed methodologies. Most, if not all industry “products” or “funds” can only accept cash.
  4. Direct Index Models (DIMs): Direct Index Models or DIMs can shadow many ETFs and Mutual Funds without the non-transparent management, markup, and platform fees, allowing you to by-pass the multilayered management costs and be efficient and in control.
  1. Tax Alpha:  Can your "funds" or "products" allow management to tax sell or harvest losses within their represented portfolios without having to sell the entire shares of the Fund or Product? FAC..try doing that with your ETFs or other Fund products.
  2. Social Issue and other Exclusions: Investors can request to omit certain industries based on their social conscience, like:  Alcohol, Genocide, Gambling, Military Weapons and Firearms, Nuclear Power, Tobacco or K-1 Securities…all at the individual DIM
  3. Fractional Share Holdings: FAC through our innovative custodian Folio Institutional, takes our investors directly to their own individual stocks, below one share up to 5 decimal points, including automatic dividend reinvestment, thus theoretically turning any dividend paying stock into an automatic DRIP offering, all with no additional transaction fees. Can your investment account implement this type of serious long-term compounding?
  4. All Costs Expressed in Dollar Amounts: No longer do you have to guess what your actual annual cost are in real dollar amounts or try to convert some basis point fee schedule within a 300-page prospectus. At FAC all costs are expressed in dollar amounts every time they are deducted, in advance.
  5. Trade a portion of Your Account: Yes you can actually “carve out” a portion of your portfolio, or go within your In Kind Non-Folio holdings and buy and sell individual stocks including: Market, Limit, or Stop orders, for only 3.95 per trade, while the remainder of your account is professionally managed.
  6. Client Performance at Your Command: Available 24/7, over any time-period, both with and without fees, you can not only view the performance of your over-all Allocation, but on each professionally managed DIM. FAC empowers you! As they say, "How do you know where you are going, if you do not know where you have been?" 
  7. Published Performance: Does your present investment firm let you see how their clients are doing BEFORE you invest? We publish our offerings quarterly that include  true historical performance and risk metrics, not “back tested” projections, but real returns net of fees over time. Go ahead take a look, our published Fact Sheets are at the top of this page.
  8. No Sacrificing of Service: Each FAC Actively managed account comes complete with a highly qualified, licensed advisor, with the service you deserve. Just because you have these Fin-tech based offerings, does not mean you have to sacrifice service. Our advisors are always a phone call or a click away with the service you deserve,... real humans answering your questions and servicing your needs. Even our Folio based offerings come with real human service 7 days a week as late as 7 pm daily.
  9. Paperless Enrollment: Simply provide FAC your basic account information, a link shows up in your email where you verify, and your account is open....that simple. Its Fin-Tech investing that comes with a human! If you want us to meet you at our office?...no problem, or we will come see you. We like old school, and the great relationships they develop. After all,  we have been making great relationships for over 38 years. Can you investment firm say that? Transparent, Innovative, and Direct.....full technology based offerings and the human qualified service you deserve!
  10. No Commissions, No Hidden Fees: FAC charges a simple flat annual fee to manage your account, view-able in dollar amounts, in advance, tapered based on the amount of assets... with a single asset based custodial fee, regardless of the number of trades, and the more you have, the less it costs. 


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