What Makes FAC Different


 At First Advisors Capital (FAC), we develop innovative strategies that enable our clients to make the most of prevailing market conditions. We streamline and customize our processes to ensure our clients keep more of their money and give less to taxes and fees. Our independent custodian, Folio Institutional, offer innovative empowering platforms, and makes it possible for our clients to hold individual securities directly, below one share up to five decimal points directly, which not only makes for more efficient dividend compounding, but allows for a reduction in the amount of Fund products held in each portfolio.


As a Registered Investment Advisor, we want our clients to know exactly what we are doing with their money, why we are doing it -- and what our services are costing them. Through Folio Institutional, our clients have direct, real-time access to all their investments. We disclose all fees and publish quarterly Fact Sheets on our methodologies. All fees are deducted in Real Dollar Amounts quarterly in advance.


Giving our clients direct ownership of their assets (as opposed to bundling them in a fund or product), helps reduce the cost associated with normal internal non-transparent costs  usually involved in third-party management and fund Products. FAC empowers our clients with the transparency and one-on-one service they deserve!  


First Advisors Capital, Inc. (FAC) is an investment adviser registered with the State of Alabama.

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